Community & School Association

The Community and School Association (a.k.a. Anjoman) of the Iran Cultural and Educational Center (ICEC) is a liaison group between the families, the community at large, and the Center. This Association-Anjoman exists to provide a vital service to the Center’s leadership and the Center’s community by involvement of parents in the activities and general welfare of the Center. It is an integral part of the school community representing all parents and care givers of the students, past and present, at the center.

This Association-Anjoman provides an opportunity for parents to meet formally and regularly with the Center’s officers in order to ensure that everything necessary is being done for the center and its community and, most importantly the students. In this way the parents and Center staff are able to assist each other greatly and contribute significantly to the life and the welfare of the Center. It has as its main purpose to facilitate involvement, contributions and networking between parents and parents and the Center.

Overall goals of the Association-Anjoman are:

  • Build positive Center spirit;
  • Nurture both parent-to-parent and school-to-parent communication;
  • Help with special classroom and activity needs on a volunteer basis;

Community & School Association (“ANJOMAN” )- Structure

The Association-Anjoman is a volunteer based group. The members are the parents, guardians and/or custodians of currently and /or past enrolled students at the center. Members are invited to the center’s various socials for all year groups and family events. The annual family membership is $15. Upon joining the center, parents are:

  • Eligible to be a member of the Anjoman
  • Welcome to attend ALL Anjoman meetings
  • Invited to access various volunteer opportunities
  • Eligible to serve as a Anjoman representative

The activities of the ICEC’s Association-Anjoman are carried out by elected officers selected from among the members of the Association-Anjoman and by Committee chairs and members.

The officers include representative of the families currently attending the center. The Officers consist of the following members: the current president, the immediate past-president, the president-elect, and four vice-presidents (administrative, finance, culture and education). The officers are elected during the first Association-Anjoman meeting, except the president who would be the president elect from previous year. All candidates for the officers positions should have been active member in the school various committees and events for at least three years.

The officers meet as needed and have written responsibilities to follow. The president is responsible to organize Association-Anjoman meetings and to report directly to the center’s officers.

The organization chart for the ICEC’s Association-Anjoman is as follows:

ICEC Org Chart

The following are the roles and responsibilities of elected Officers:


  • Is the direct liaison between families and the center;
  • Oversee the overall activities of Association-Anjoman;
  • Set-ups an operational budget for Association-Anjoman activities and obtain its approval from ICEC’s officers;
  • Implements the guidelines set by ICEC’s officers for the Association-Anjoman activities;
  • Set-ups guidelines for activities, if none exist, and obtains its approval from ICEC’s officers;
  • Represents the Association-Anjoman in all direct communications with families;
  • Is in regular communications with the Association-Anjoman offices;
  • Reviews all communications regarding Association-Anjoman’s events with ICEC’s officers prior to production and/or distribution;


  • Works closely with the president in all Association-Anjoman’s activities;
  • Assists in keeping files/memos/notes of Association-Anjoman activities for the record;
  • Back-ups the president in running of the Association-Anjoman meetings or in communication with ICEC officers, staff & families;
  • Back-ups the president in overseeing the overall activities of Association-Anjoman;
  • Assists in the Association-Anjoman’s major event “Nowruz” committee activities;

Immediate Past-President:

  • Provides all the information regarding Association-Anjoman’a activities from previous years to the president;
  • Provides mentoring to the president in all activities related to Association-Anjoman;
  • Assists in the Association-Anjoman’s major event “Nowruz” committee;


  • Reviews the guidelines established for the committees with the committee chairs;
  • Meets regularly with the committee chairs for update of their activities;
  • Back-ups the committee chairs, as needed;
  • Reports directly to the Association – Anjoman’s officers;

Here are specific responsibilities for Vice-Presidents:

VP of Finance:

  • Takes the role of treasure and is responsible for all the financial transactions for Association- Anjoman;
  • Keeps track of all the costs, and income from any of the Association -Anjoman’s activities;
  • Compiles the annual financial report of the Association-Anjoman finance status and share with the center;
  • Oversees any product sales, like CD’d and DVD’d of the programs, and/or any other products

VP of Cultural:

  • Coordinates activities for cultural events such as Mehregan and Yalda, Festivals, Nowruz, and Picnic activities;
  • Makes sure that all the activities are open to all the students;
  • Helps committee chair for each activity to set up plans for the committee activities such as time for flyer distribution, meeting time;
  • Makes sure the programs planned by each committee are cultural in nature and do not have any political or religious theme;

VP of Education:

  • Assists the ICEC teachers in educational activities as needed;
  • Provides assistance in copying materials for students;
  • Works as a class representative for activities such as “Writer’s workshop” event;
  • Overseas the ICEC library storage and book distributions at the center;
  • Takes care of the Association-Anjoman’s “Iran box” and keeps track of it ;

VP of Administrative:

  • Assists with administrative activities at the Center;
  • Organizes registration activities;
  • Overseas all the electronic communications;
  • Maintains the center’s website;
  • Updates the student’s database ;
  • Organizes the public relation activities such as photography and videography for the center;


The ICEC’s Association-Anjoman has various committees that are active in the planning, preparation and implementation of cultural events at the Center and in the community. The membership to these committees is open to all families. The member can sign up for the committees of their interest at the first Association-Anjoman meeting which is held in the fall. Each committee will choose a chair to be responsible to liaison with the Association-Anjoman’s officers and report back to members.

The Committees for the Association-Anjoman are as follows:

  • Cultural Event Committees (Mehregan, Yalda and Nowruz)
  • Community Festival Committee (Montgomery County Arts Festival and Imagination Bethesda Children’s Festival)
  • Class Representative Committee (from Kindergarten to 8th grade)
  • Technology Committee (Website, Facebook Page, Email List
  • In-School Events Committee (Writer’s Workshop & Cultural Arts & Crafts)
  • Picnic Committee (Summer gathering & Sizdehbedar events)
  • Security Committee ( assist ICEC in managing students and visitors)

Each committee is led by a committee chair that is selected from the volunteers who signed up in that committee. The responsibilities of the committee chairs are as such:.

Committee Chair

  • Makes sure that there are enough volunteers signed up to perform the Association-Anjoman activities;
  • Sets up the plan for committee activities and obtain approvals from the appropriate VP;
  • Sets-up the time line needed for the committee activities to be performed appropriately such as time for distribution of flyers and schedule committee meetings;
  • Communicates regularly with the committee members about the activities via email and/or phone;
  • Makes sure the committee’s planed activity does not have any political or religious themes and meets the ICEC guidelines;
  • Reports regularly to designated VP and Association-Anjoman’s officers
  • Provides financial reports to Association-Anjoman’s VP of finance
  • Completes a final report on the committee activities performed for the Association-Anjomna’s records;

Description of Committee Activities:

Cultural Event Committees

  • Mehregan: This event is scheduled to take place in the fall, usually in October. Selected students from the center perform music, skit, poetry and dance for this program. This event is open for all students and their families and takes place during Saturday.
  • Yalda: This event is scheduled to take place in the winter, around winter Solstice in December. Selected students from the center perform music, skit, poetry and dance for this program. This event is open for all students and their families and takes place during Saturday.
  • Nowruz: This is the main event for the Association-Anjoman and the center. All students at the center and all the extracurricular activity groups (Persian Dance Troupe, Young Iranian Musicians and Young Iranian Performers) perform at this program. This event has two parts to it, a program and a reception. This event is by ticket only and it is open to all students and their families. The Association-Anjoman volunteers are involved in all aspects of this event from setting up the venue, food, and celebration. They work closely with ICEC teachers and staff to prepare all the students at the center for performance at the Nowruz event. The Nowruz program has its own guidelines and requirements that can be viewed below.

Nowruz Committee Guidlines  view 
Nowruz 2013-2014 Review View
Nowruz 2014-2015 Review View

Community Festival Committee

The ICEC, as an educational and cultural center, participates in the local festivals in the State of Maryland. The two main festivals are: 1) Montgomery County Cultural & Arts festival in Silver Spring, Maryland and 2) The Imagination Bethesda, Children’s festival in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. The community festival committee sets-up ,on behalf of the center, informational booth where the center’s students volunteer and provide children’s activities such as face-painting, writing Farsi names on book-marks, and sharing information about the center and Iranian culture. Students of the center volunteering for these programs receive community service hours.

Class Representative Committee

This committee is responsible for assisting teachers in various class related activities. Each committee member will work directly with the class teacher to help with preparation of Nowruz program and /or any other activities.

Technology Committee 

This committee assists ICEC in all the administrative related activities. Member of this committee organize registration, prepare the school booklet, Nowruz program booklet, maintain ICEC website, maintain ICEC Facebook Page, liaise with school for posting of information to families via mailing system, and is in charge of all photo and video coverage for the center’s activities.

In-School Events Committee (Writer’s Workshop & Cultural Arts & Crafts)

This committee assists ICEC’s educational administrators and teachers with two center sponsored events, which are Writer’s workshop and Cultural Arts and Crafts.

Picnic Committee (Summer gathering & Sizdehbedar events)

This committee organizes outdoor activities such as Sizdehbedar and summer picnic for the students and families. The committee is responsible for renting a shelter for summer picnic, getting volunteers to help with the setup and communicate the events date and location to the families. The Anjoman’s president will make the arrangement for the shelter’s rental.

Security Committee

These volunteers monitor the entrance door and hallway to make sure students are safe and secure. They make sure students are leaving school only with their parents.  During Nowruz program, they also watch to make sure students are safe.


Please join ICEC committees to help with different programs.  (Join)

Association-Anjoman’s Officers and Team members (2018-2019)

Position Name E-mail
President:  Mehrnaz Shokrtai
President-Elect: Keyvan Faroughi
Immediate Past-President  Hamid Fadae
VP of Finance  Ali Feizi
VP of Education  Kourosh Amin- Tehrani
VP of Cultural  TBD
VP of Administrative  Afshin Sharifi
Chair of Mehregan Committee
Chair of Yalda Committee  Nadia Kamangar
Chair of Festival Committee  TBD
Chair of Class Rep. Committee  Azadeh Amin-Tehrani
Chair of security Committee
Chair of Nowruz Committee  Ehsan Motazedi
Chair of Picnic Committee