Community & School Association (CSA)

The Community and School Association (a.k.a. “Anjoman”) of the Iran Cultural and Educational Center (ICEC) is a liaison group between the families, the community at large, and the Center. This Anjoman exists to provide a vital service to the Center’s leadership and the Center’s community by involvement of parents in the activities and general welfare of the Center. It is an integral part of the school community representing all parents and care givers of the students, past and present, at the center.

The Anjoman provides an opportunity for parents to meet formally and regularly with the Center’s officers to ensure necessary coordination is done for various activities for the center and its community and, most importantly the students. The Anjoman allows the parents and Center staff to assist each other and contribute significantly to the life and the welfare of the Center and the students. It has as its main purpose to facilitate involvement, contributions, and networking among the parents’ community and school-to-parents. Overall goals of the Anjoman are:

  • Build positive Center spirit.
  • Nurture both parent-to-parent and school-to-parent communication.
  • Help with special classrooms’ support and activities on a volunteer basis.

Community & School Association (CSA)- Structure

The Anjoman is a volunteer-based group. The members are the parents, guardians and/or custodians of currently and /or past enrolled students at the center. Members are invited to the center’s various socials for all year groups and family events. Upon joining the center, parents are:

  • Eligible to be a member of the Anjoman
  • Welcome to attend ALL Anjoman meetings
  • Invited to apply and contribute to various volunteer opportunities
  • Eligible to serve as a representative for the Anjoman


The activities of the ICEC’s Anjoman are carried out by elected officers selected from among the members of the Anjoman and by Committee chairs and members.

The officers include representative of the families currently attending the center. The Officers consist of the following members: the current president, the immediate past-president, the president-elect, and four vice-presidents (administrative, finance, culture and education). The officers are elected during the first Anjoman meeting, except the president who would be the president elect from previous year. All candidates for the officers’ positions should have been active member supporting school various committees and events for at least three years.

The officers meet as needed and have written responsibilities to follow. The president is responsible to organize Anjoman meetings and to report directly to the center’s officers.


The ICEC’s Anjoman has various committees that are active in the planning, preparation, and implementation of cultural events at the Center and in the community. The membership to these committees is open to all families. The member can sign up for the committees of their interest at the first Anjoman meeting which is held in the fall. Each committee will choose a chair to be responsible to liaison with the -Anjoman’s officers and report back to members.

The Committees for the -Anjoman are as follows:

  • Cultural Event Committees (Mehregan, Yalda and Nowruz, and Outreach activities)
  • Community Festival Committee (Montgomery County Arts Festival and Imagination Bethesda Children’s Festival)
  • Class Representative Committee (from Kindergarten to 8th grade)
  • Technology Committee (Website, Facebook Page, Email List)
  • In-School Events Committee (Career Day, Writer’s Workshop, and Cultural Arts & Crafts)
  • Picnic Committee (Summer gathering & Sizdehbedar events)
  • Security Committee (Assist ICEC in managing students and visitors)

For more detailed information about the Association-Anjoman’s organizational chart, officers’ responsibilities, and committees’ descriptions, please visit the Association-Anjoman’s members only page.

Get Involved

The ICEC has a user group email, where the center’s announcements, information and volunteer opportunities are communicated to the center’s members regularly. If you are interested in joining the email group, please sign-up during registration or contact one of the CSA’s Officers.