Donation to ICEC (CFC, United Way)

It is that time of year again

Let’s Direct Our Donations to ICEC

Dear Parents,

We are in the midst of donation season. Please consider designating your contributions through United Way of National Capital Area and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to Iran Cultural and Educational Center (ICEC) using designation codes (United way:8643) and (CFC:24136). You can use the links at the bottom to donate.

ICEC pledges to use the proceeds of any financial support to achieve its goals through providing Persian language classes, celebrating Iranian traditions and other inherently cultural and educational events.

Thank you for your continued support of ICEC and its commitment to preserving Persian language and Iran’s diverse cultures by providing our young learners a nurturing and rich learning environment.

Please, share this information with your friends and family.




Iran Cultural and Educational Center Code: 24136


United Way

Iran Cultural and Educational Center Code: 8643