Grade Three

Iran Cultural and Educational Center

Persian Language Development by Proficiency Language Skills Levels

 Novice High – Grade Three

In addition to Grade Two Can-Do Statements

  Listening Comprehension

 I can often understand words, phrases, and simple sentences related to everyday life.  I can recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said.  (Interpretive Listening)

Students can…

1.  Demonstrate understanding of short stories or texts when read to by answering questions orally or in writing.
2.  Understand classroom instructions up to 2-3 steps that are not accompanied by gestures and/or repetition.
3. Understand the main idea and some details from grade appropriate content: short classroom conversation, short oral presentations, brief announcements, short stories, fables and fairytales, and short and simple poetry.
4. Understand geographic location of familiar cities or countries.


I can communicate and exchange information about familiar topics using phrases and simple sentences, sometimes supported by memorized language.  I can usually handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions.  (Interpersonal Communication)

I can present basic information on familiar topics using language I have practiced using phrases and simple sentences.  (Presentational Speaking)

Students can…

1.  Ask and answer questions (who, what, where, when, why)
2.  Describe familiar objects, animals, places and people using short and simple sentences.
3.  Describe own feelings and feelings of others using short and simple sentences.
4.  Provide information about themselves using 5-7 sentences.
5.  Invite and make plans about where to go and/or what to do on the weekend.
6.  Engage in a short conversation about past activities and/or events.
7.  Provide basic information about geographic location of a familiar town or country.
8.  Tell or summarize a storyline with some details.

Reading Comprehension

I can understand familiar words, phrases and sentences within short and simple texts related to everyday life.  I can sometimes understand the main idea of what I have read.  (Interpretive Reading)

Students can…

1. Decode familiar words up to three syllables.
2.  Read and comprehend connected sentences and simple paragraphs on familiar topics.
3.  Identify characters, setting, problem and solution in a short story.
4.  Identify main idea and supporting details in a short story or informative text.
5.  Identify cause and effect in a short passage.
6.  State theme of a reading selection.
7.  Identify geographic location of familiar cities of Iran.





I can write short messages and notes on familiar topics related to everyday life. (Presentational Writing)


Students can…


1.  Write simple sentences.
2.  Fill out a form with first and last name, address, phone number and birthday.
3.  Use learned vocabulary and expressions in short and simple sentences.
4.  Use punctuation (period, exclamation and question marks).
5.  Write simple notes for Nowruz, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.
6.  Write simple sentences using “because”, “but”.
7.  Summarize something learned in class in a short paragraph.
8.  Write simple sentences about geographic location of a familiar town or country.