Nikki Faroughi

2022-2023 Iran Arbabi Scholarship Recipient

Nikki Faroughi is joining the freshman class of students at the University of Maryland in fall 2022. She obtained her high school diploma and her associate’s degree at the Montgomery College during the same academic year. While at the Montgomery College, she was a very active student leader, elected by her peers to be the president of student senate, acting as the “voice of student body.”  Her impressive list of community activities and cultural events includes participation in Camp Koohdare where she made traditional Persian meals, danced to Persian music and surrounded herself with those who share the same love of Persian ethnicity. While at the ICEC, she was involved in many ICEC community matters, whether through dancing with the Persian Troupe in Nowruz events or being a member of Young Iranian Musician (YIM) or participating in other major ICEC events, performing in Mehregan and Yalda events (as “maman bozorg”, reading poetry, performing music, and dancing), have all made her a young ambassador of Persian traditions and culture.