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2018-2019 Registration

Registration for 2018-2019 school year will start on August 25th, 2018.

Click on registration flowchart  to see the steps.

Returning Families: 

  1. login to the site ( login tab on top right side of home page)
  2. Use your username or email that you used to register with your password
  3. Use menu on the right of the page to update any information
  4. click on second menu item on the right to register and pay and add a new student
  5. Pay on line with Paypal or credit card or come to school on registration day to pay by check

New Families:

Starting on August 25th, 2018, you can follow the steps below to pre- register

  1. Go to new families link (below) to pre-register
  2. you need to choose a username and password and an email address for “the primary account owner”.  This person can login to see the homework, update the information and receives email from the teacher.
  3. choose a username and password for each student
  4. Fill the registration form
  5. Bring the email from ICEC to Ritche Park Elementary School on registration day (Sept. 8) to finish registration

Each student needs to have an email address,  If he/she does not have email address yet, use something like to preregister.  You can change it when he/she has an email address.

Information about Persian Dance Troupe (PDT), Young Iranian Performers (YIP) and Young Iranian Musicians (YIM) will be available on-site (Ritchie Park ES on September 8 and September 15, 2018. 

  • New Families  (Online Pre-registration from August 25th to  September 6th). Or go to Ritche Park Elementary school on September 8th at 10:00 to fill your application. priority is given to online pre registration)

Registration Priority:

1-Returning Students
2- Returning Students’ siblings
3- Pre-registered  New Families
4- Walking New families

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email

2017-2018 End of the Year Picnic

پيک نيک پایان سال آموزشی ١٣٩٧-١٣٩٦

خانواده های گرامی

انجمن خانه و مدرسه مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ايران پيک نيک پایان سال آموزشی را روز شنبه ٩ ژوئن ٢٠١٨ پس از پایان کلاس های آموزشی از ساعت ١٢ نیم روز تا ٥ پس از نیم روز بر گزار می کند

از آموزگاران، دانش آموزان و خانواده های مرکز دعوت می کنیم به ما به پیوندند تا پایان یک سال آموزشی موفق دیگر را با هم جشن بگیریم

 پیک نیک مرکز در پارک منطقه ای کابین جان سایبان آ  برگزار می شود. از خانواده های گرامی خواهش می کتیم ناهار دلخواه خود را بیاورند.

در ورودی خیابان تاکر من 

Shelter A- Tuckerman Lane Entrance

مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ايران


End of 2017-2018 Academic Year Picnic

Dear ICEC families,

ICEC Community and School Association (Anjoman) is organizing an end of the year picnic to be held on June 9th, 2018 right after ICEC graduation. All teachers, students and their families are invited to join us celebrate another successful academic year.

A shelter has been reserved for this event. Please bring and share your lunch with other families.

Time: Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Cabin John Regional Park (Tuckerman Lane Entrance)
Shelter A
7400 Tuckerman Lane
Bethesda , MD 20817

Map and Direction from School to Park

2017-2018 Graduation

پایان سال آموزشی
٩ ژوئن ٢٠١٨

،خانواده های گرامی

ِ .پایان سال آموزشی مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران در روز شنبه ٩ ژوئن ٢٠١٨ خواهد بود

:برنامه ی روز پایانی سا ل آموزشی مرکز به ترتیب زیر خواهد بود
 از ساعت ٩:٣٠ تا ١١:٠٠ بامداد ادامه برنامه های آموزشی هفتگی در کلاس های درس
از ساعت ١١:٠٠ بامداد تا ١١:٤٥ بامداد شرکت خانواده ها در کلاس های درس برای تشویق دانش آموزان به  هنگام دریافت کارنامه   های   آموزشی

.شرکت شما در روز پایانی سال آموزشی سبب تشویق فرزندانمان خواهد شد

مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران

School Graduation, June 9, 2018

Dear Parents,

The end of school year graduation of Iran Cultural and Educational Center will be held on June 9th, 2018.

The program will be as follow:

– Students will attend their regular classes from 9:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
– Parents will visit the classes from 11:00 A.M. to 11:45 A.M.

We thank you in advance for joining us

Iran Cultural and Educational Center

Family and ICEC Meeting


نشست آموزشي مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران با خانواده ها شنبه ١٩ مه ٢٠١٨

مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران از آغاز پایه گذاری تا امروز همزمان با رشد و گسترش شاهد تغییراتی نیز بوده  است

با گذشت زمان، شمار دانش آموزانی که آشنایی کمتری با زبان و فرهنگ ایران دارند بیشتر شده است. با نگرش به این که هدف مرکز پیوسته فراهم آوردن  بهترین وآموزنده ترین شیوه های یادگیری برای یک یک دانش آموزان بوده است، آموزگاران مرکز در پاسخ به این چالش درکار آموزی های همه ساله شرکت کرده اند تا با  شیوه های نوین آموزشی آشنا شوند وبا  بهره گیری از آن ها در کلاس درس  پاسخگوی نیازهای یادگیری فرزندانمان باشد. همراه با این کار آموزی ها  که هم چنان ادامه خواهد یافت، برای پیشبرد هرچه بیشترهدف  های آموزشی ، آشنایی با دیدگاه های سازنده شما خانواده های گرامی که یکی از پایه های ‘مرکز هستید بسیار پر ارزش می باشد

برای رسیدن به این آرمان از شما دعوت می شود که  در یک نشست پرسش و پاسخ در چهارچوب پرسش های  زیرشرکت کنید. این نشست روز شنبه،۱۹ ماه می، از ساعت ۱٢-۱١، در کلاس شماره ۱۲۳ برگزار خواهد شد

١– آموزش : بر روی کدام یک از مواد درسی زیربیشتر تکیه  شود؟

–  ادبیات فارسی

–  تاریخ و جغرافیا / علوم / فناوری

– همه ی این مواد

٢همکاری خانواده با آموزشگاه :  کدام یک از برنامه های  زیر بیشتر به پیشبرد هدف های آموزشی و یادگیری دانش آموزان پس از کلاس درس کمک می کند؟

دیدار با سرپرستان مرکز برای آشنایی و آگاهی از برنامه های آموزشی ویا برگزاری نشست های بیشتر

– دیدار با آموزگاران در آغاز سال آموزشی برای آگاهی بیشتر ازپیشرفت دانش آموزان

– پیشنهاد های دیگر

٣ – زمینه های دیگر: کدام یک از کار های زیر در برنامه مرکز گنجانده شود ؟

– گردش های آموزشی

 گزینش نماینده ای از هریک ازکلاس های بالا برای دیدار و گفت و گو با سرپرست مرکز

– پیشنهاد های دیگر

مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران

ICEC educational meeting with families on May 19, 2018

Our ICEC family has grown, changed and diversified over the years.  With growth and change come challenges to fulfilling our mission of creating a nurturing environment for connecting and taking pride in Iranian culture, history and heritage.  In response to these challenges, the instructional staff has been provided professional development training aimed at revising the curriculum and implementation of learner-centered strategies to improve classroom instruction. Parallel to this training we want to engage with you, our stakeholders, to hear about your perspective on what we have been doing and ideas of what might be done going forward.

We value your constructive suggestions and feedback and invite you to participate in an inter-active Parent-School Forum to be held in Room #123, on May 19, at 10:,00 AM.  The following are the suggested topics of discussion for this community conversation:

  1.  Focus of the instruction: Which of the following disciplines should be emphasized:
  • Reading language arts
  • Social studies/Science/Technology
  • A combination of the above
  1.  School-Community Partnership: In what ways can the school and community work together to help parents more effectively reinforce outside of school what our children are learning in school:
  • Periodic activities and events to familiarize the parents with the curriculum and instructional goals
  • One-on-One meeting with instructors in the first two-three months of the academic year to learn more about students’ progress
  • Other suggestions
  1. Enrichment and Student involvement: Which of the following should be considered:
  • Educational and Cultural field trips
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Any other ideas/Suggestions

Iran Cultural and Educational Center

Final Nowruz Committee-1397

نشست کمیته نوروز مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران

مادران و پدران گرامی

کمیته نوروز مرکز فرهنکی و آموزشی ایران از شما دعوت می کند در نشست خود در تاریخ ۱۲ مه   ۲۰١٨
   .بامداد در کلاس شماره ۱۲۴مرکز شرکت کنید  ꞉  ۱۰:۴۵   –  ۹꞉ازساعت ۴۵

.امیدراریم با شرکت و همیاری شما در این نشست برنامه های بهتری برای سال آینده هماهنگ کنیم 

:برنامه این نشست به ترتیب زیر خواهد بود

   آمار  و خرج های برنامه نوروزی  *       
          مروری به جواب های پرسشنامه نوروز  *       
    بررسی ریزی نوروز آینده   *       
 سوال و جواب و پیشنهادات   *       

سایر برنامه های انجمن

 هماهنگی برنامه پیک نیک آخر سال  *       
هماهنگی برنامه فستیوال بتزدا  *       

Last  ICEC Nowruz Committee’s Meeting 

 Dear Parents,

Thank you for volunteering your time to make a successful 1397 Nowruz celebration. Nowruz Committee of Iran Cultural and Educational Center (ICEC) would like to invite you to attend the last ICEC Nowruz Committee meeting on Saturday May 12,  2018 from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM in Room 124.

Meeting agenda:

     1- Program statistics and finance
     2- Survey results
     3- Nowruz 1398 plans
     4- Questions, suggestions, and comments about Nowruz event

Other CSA ( Anjoman) subjects:
    1- End of the year picnic
     2- Bethesda Festival

Your participation and support will be critical to make ICEC  events more  successful.

2018-2019 Iran Arbabi Scholarship

Iran Cultural and Educational Center

Iran Arbabi Scholarship Program
2018-2019 Academic Year


The Iran Cultural and Educational Center (ICEC) was established in 1989.  ICEC’s mission is to create a nurturing environment that strengthens the sense of connection, pride and appreciation of Iranian culture, heritage and history.

On the occasion of its 25th Anniversary and in recognition of Khanom Iran Arbabi-Amin’s tireless efforts, dedication and leadership as founder and director of ICEC, the “Iran Arbabi Scholarship Fund” was established. This scholarship is awarded annually to one or more deserving recipients.  

Eligibility Requirements

The Iran Arbabi Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students of Iranian descent entering or attending an accredited post-secondary institution.  Applicants should be residents of Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia.  Applicants must excel academically.  Applicants must have a verifiable record of participating in activities within the Persian community. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or be lawfully residing in the United States.  The recipients may use these scholarships to attend an accredited college or university of their choice in Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia. Scholarships are not limited to any specific field or career objective and may be used to pursue any academic discipline.  Scholarships may be used for undergraduate or graduate school.  Applications are screened in the summer by an independent committee that consists of a panel of distinguished scholars and chaired by a member of the ICEC Board of Trustees. Finalists are interviewed by members of the selection committee. Scholarship winners are selected based on the information received through the application and interviews.

Basic Requirements

Applicants should meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Iran Arbabi Scholarship. They must:

  • Be of Iranian descent
  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawfully reside in the United States
  • Submit verification of participation in activities in the Persian community (e.g. attendance at a Farsi language school, participation in Persian art or cultural group (music, dance, theater, etc.), volunteer activities for Persian community based charity, membership in a Persian student association, etc.)
  • Attend, or be accepted for attendance at, an accredited American college or university in a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree program.
  • Possess a high school diploma, or the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Have good academic standing (GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • Complete and submit a Scholarship Application Form, including:
    1. Two letters of recommendation; at least one letter should be from a teacher or other school professional
    2. A one page essay about his/her dreams and aspirations
    3. A one page essay : How has your cultural heritage formed the person you are,  and in what way will this serve you as an asset to promote Persian language and culture in the future? 
    4. An official transcript with the school seal on it

Important Application Dates

May 1, 2018 – ICEC starts accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. The  Application Form will also be available for download from the ICEC website at

June 15, 2018 – Final postmarked deadline in order to be considered for the 2018-2018 Scholarship Program.  Application materials must be mailed in one packet to:

Iran Abrabi Scholarship Program
Iran Cultural and Educational Center
12030 Gatewater Drive
Potomac, MD 20854

Transcripts and letters of recommendation should not be sent separately. Incomplete, e-mailed, or faxed applications will not be considered.  Winners of the scholarship will be notified by August 31, 2018 and names will be posted on the ICEC web site.

Scholarship Conditions

The Iran Arbabi Scholarships may be used to supplement existing benefits from the student’s college or university, or from other foundations or organizations. Recipients may use the scholarship to cover the costs of tuition, fees, room, and board. Funds are dispersed directly to the college or university.

Financial need may be taken into consideration in awarding a scholarship.  If the Scholarship Committed determines that financial need will be taken into consideration, the applicant may be required to provide financial information at a later time.  Such financial information would include, but necessarily be limited to, federal income tax returns of the applicant.  If the applicant is claimed as a dependent on the federal income tax return of another person, then that other person’s financial resources will be considered in assessing financial need.  DO NOT INCLUDE COPIES OF FEDERAL TAX RETURNS WITH THE APPLICATION PACKET.  IF THEY ARE SUBSEQUENTLY REQUIRED, THE APPLICANT WILL BE SO ADVISED.

A minimum of 1student will be granted an Iran Arbabi Scholarship and will receive $2000.00 for the 2018-2019 school year ($1000.00 for Fall 2018 semester and $1000.00 for Spring 2019 assuming the GPA requirement of 3.0 and full-time status is maintained).  The Iran Arbabi Scholarship is for the 2018-2019 school year only.  ICEC reevaluates the community needs, its funding resources, and adjusts this program on a yearly basis. 

A recipient’s scholarship can be revoked if the student:

  • fails to graduate from high school;
  • fails to enroll in an institution of higher education in the year for which the scholarship was awarded;
  • fails to comply with the rules, regulations or conditions of the institution the student attends; or
  • receives the scholarship through error or contrary to law.

Retroactive payment of the scholarship is not permitted.


Dear Friends,

Words cannot convey the extent of our gratitude for your dedication to the ICEC community and to the success of another uplifting Nowruz celebration.

Once again, the current and former students and parents came together to offer our community the most refreshing event in celebration of Nowruz.

Thanks to your dedication, exemplary management and months of group work, the 1397/2018 Nowruz celebration was an event that will stay with our children throughout their lives. Their heartfelt exuberance during the performances reflected their sense of pride in their cultural heritage.

You met regularly prior to the event, assigned the countless tasks to committee members, including food and supply orders, program booklet, tickets, accounting, managing the dining room, welcoming at the doors, photographing and many more. You worked with the county to secure the venue, and coordinated the backstage management with the onstage performances and the sound system. You beautifully decorated the stage, hallways, dining tables, and the Haft Seen Table, and selected the most meaningful poems for the masters of ceremony who clearly enjoyed being on stage. You prepared students for delightful class performances and creatively adapted an epic narrative of Persian mythology that helped the young performers enchant the audience. You skillfully choreographed dances and rehearsed with students of all ages to ensure their impeccable performances on stage, and you selected, arranged and practiced the best pieces of Persian music leading to astounding performances of the young musicians. You created a warm and welcoming environment in the dining room with music, food, without forgetting the Haji Firooz, and you arranged for fire department wonderful volunteers to help during the event. You invited the County Executive whose proclamation recognized Nowruz as a county cultural event. Your efficient coordination and hard work all helped make this year’s Nowruz celebration an exceptional success.

Throughout the years your support has been crucial in strengthening our cultural heritage. The vibrant ICEC community, as we know it today, is testimony to your resolve in preserving our cultural heritage by passing it on to the second and third generations. This year’s Nowruz celebration was another reminder of that resolve for which we are more than thankful to you.

Iran Arbabi

با بهترین شادباش های نوروزی

Nowruz 1397 Tickets

انجمن خانه و مدرسه

مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران

فرارسیدن نوروز ۱۳۹۷ خورشیدی را جشن می گیرند

روز شنبه ۱۰ مارس برابر با ۱۹ اسفند ماه ۱۳۹۶ خورشیدی

      ورود به سالن – ساعت ۳:۳۰ پس از نیم روز

 برنامه :از ساعت ۴ پس از نیم روز تا ۹ شب

پذیرایی و پایکوبی- از ساعت ۶ تا ۹ شب

آغاز برنامه  –  ساعت ۴ پس از نیم روز

   نقشه) دبیرستان گیترزبرگ در گیترزبرگ)

برای همکاری با کمیته برگزار کننده جشن نوروز، خواهشمند است بلیت های خود را ازتاریخ سوم (۳) تا بیست وچهارم (۲۴) فوریه در مرکز تهیه کنید. ۱۰ مارس، بلیت موجود نخواهد بود 

 به سبب گنجایش کم جای برنامه، نخست بلیت به دانش آموزان مرکز و خانواده آنها داده خواهد شد.  برای دیگر افراد خانواده و دوستان  نام و شمار بلیت های مورد نیاز خود را در مرکز در لیست نوبت بنویسید

.برای اآگاهی بیشتر، خواهشمند است با آقای علی فیضی تماس بگیرید

Tel: (240) 426-7233  Email:

The Community & School Association of

Iran Cultural and Educational Center

Celebrates the Iranian New Year

Nowruz 1397

Sunday, March 10, 2018 – 3:30 PM Doors Open
4:00- 9:00 PM (Program, Reception)
Gaithersburg High School101 Education Blvd Gaithersburg, MD 20877  (Map)

The tickets will be available at school on February 3rd. Due to limited space, the priority is given to current students and their immediate family members. Please get  your tickets from Feb. 3rd  to Feb. 24th at school. You may also, order tickets for other family members and friends at school.

NO Ticket will be available on the day of the event
for more information please contact Ali Feizi at (240) 426-7233

2nd 2017-2018 Nowruz meeting


نشست کمیته نوروز مرکز فرهنگی و آموزشی ایران

مادران و پدران گرامی

۲۰۱۷ کمیته نوروز مرکز فرهنکی و آموزشی ایران از شما دعوت می کند در نخستین نشست خود در تاریخ ٢  دسامبر

      .بامداد در کلاس شماره ۱۲۴مرکز شرکت کنید  ꞉  ۱۰:۴۵   –  ۹꞉ازساعت ۴۵  

جشن نوروز بزرگترین جشن ملی ایرانیان است  که مرکز  فرهنکی و آموزشی ایران هر سال با همیاری
.شماری از خانواده ها برگزار می کند

.امیدراریم با شرکت و همیاری شما در این نشست امسال نیز مانند سال های پیش این جشن با شکوه هر چه بیشتر برگزار شود

:برنامه این نشست به ترتیب زیر خواهد بود

    بررسی برنامه مکان و امور صدا   *       
         بررسی  برنامه کلاسها *       
   نام نویسی در کمیته های نوروز  *       
برنامه هنری *       
سوال و جواب *      

.جشن نوروز مرکز فرهتگی و آموزشی ایران در روز شنبه ۱۰ مارچ ۲۰۱۸ برگزار خواهد شد

:تاریخ برنامه های آینده
January 6, 2018
February 10, 2018
February 24, 2018
March 3, 2018


First ICEC Nowruz Committee’s Meeting 

 Dear Parents,

Nowruz Committee of Iran Cultural and Educational Center (ICEC) would like to invite you to attend the second ICEC Nowruz Committee meeting on Saturday December 2,  2017 from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM in Room 124.

Nowruz, one of the most important Iranian celebrations, is the largest event that ICEC celebrates every year with the support and participation of ICEC families.
Meeting agenda:

     1- Logistics
     2- Class program and coordination
     3- Volunteers list
     4- Production comments
      54- Questions/concerns

Your participation and support of Nowruz Committee will be critical to make this celebration another successful event.

Dates of future meetings.
January 6, 2018
February 10, 2018
February 24, 2018
March 3, 2018
March 10, 2018   Event Date (ShowTime

Yalda Performers

Dear ICEC Parents:
This year, our center’s celebration of Shabe Yalda will be held at the school on Saturday, December 16th, at 11:00am.  The celebration will include Iranian music, dance, poetry, storytelling, and a play to tie all this together.
If you wish to enter any of your children for performance in this celebration, please send an email to Mr. Hassan Partovi or Mr. Hessam Yousefi, or Ms. Nadia Kamangar at  by Thursday November 16, and provide their names, their desired roles, their classes, and your contact information.  If your child plays an instrument, please indicate the name of the instrument, and the particular (Iranian) piece he/she would like to play.  Please respond to this request even if you  listed your child on the cultural programs sign-up sheet back in September. In case of multiple candidates for the same roles or performances, priority will be given to qualified students at higher grades and with the least amount of participation/performance in our previous celebration programs.
Let’s make this year’s Yalda Celebration a great success!




،مادران و پدران گرامی

امسال جشن شب یلدای مرکز آموزشی و فرهنگی ایران در روز شنبه ۱۶ دسامبر برگزار خواهد شد.  این برنامه در برگیرنده ی رقص، شعر خوانی و داستان پدر بزرگ و مادر بزرگ  خواهد بود. چنا نچه فرزند ( فرزندانتان) مایل به شرکت  در این برنامه هستند، می توانید تا پنجشنبه، ۱۶ ماه نوامبر، با فرستادن یارا نامه (ایمیل)  با آقایان حسام یوسفی ، حسن پرتوی و یا خانم نا دیا  کمانگر تماس بگیرید و اطلاعات زیر را در اختیارشان بگذارید

نام فرزند ، کلاس درس،  برنامه ی مورد علاقه، و درصورت تما یل به نواختن ساز، نام سازو نام آهنگ مورد نظر

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چنانچه شمار داوطلبان هر نقش زیاد تر از نیاز باشد دانش آموزان سالهای بالا تر و یا کسانی که کمتر در برنامه  های پیشین شرکت کرده